McDonald’s Wade Through


Got up this morning.  Put the kettle on, still nine tenths asleep.  Heard news bulletin.  Seems Welsh are putting a footbath round the country.  Seems extraordinary.  Put tea bags in cups, still nine tenths asleep.  Does this mean there will have to be rest stops, say a McDonald’s Wade Through at Llandudno.  I know they have Drive Throughs, so why not a Wade Through?  I would be happy to buy a burger, so long as I could throw it away later.


Put boiling water in cups and go and put hearing aids in.  Seems the Welsh are putting a footpath round the coast.  Problem is that if you are deaf, plosives such as ‘b’ and ‘p’ sound alike.  So do other sounds: a friend was asked by her PA if she would like a copy of a document and she replied, yes, so long as it was without sugar.


Glad about the footpath, but sorry that there will be no need for a Wade Through.





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